"The consequences of global warming can be seen in the world around us today. It is expected to be far-reaching, long-lasting and, in many cases, devastating."

"Climate change has brought about severe and possibly permanent alterations to our planet's geological, biological and ecological systems. These will affect everything that we love and alter the course of our future."

"The climate crisis is the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. Ignoring climate change will be the most costly of all possible choices, for us and our children."

"We are inspired by ideas and having media and people who give life to changes. New technologies are fueling a massive change in the media landscape."

"Our world today is increasingly driven by a combination of information and entertainment values, this is powered by the influence of the media."

"The influence of the media can have an incredible impact in spreading the message across to change the world."

"Technology extends our abilities to change the world. We should not fear it. We should embrace it and make it a part of our daily life."

"Innovative technologies have changed the world. Today we can connect to nearly everyone in the world with the power of the internet."

"Developments in technologies will dramatically affect the way we live and work."

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